Steel & Barnett Bracelets Steel & Barnett - Skull Stones Bracelet - SBS

Steel & Barnett - Skull Stones Bracelet - SBS

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The Stones Skull bracelet gives your outfit a sturdy look!

The natural stone and high gloss metal give this bracelet a sturdy but stylish look. This casual-chic design combines beautifully with other styles.

Steel & Barnett completes your 'wrist outfit'. Handmade in Belgium and founded with the sole purpose of creating simplistic elegance. They believe it's more difficult to be elegant than to be bold. Elegance can only be achieved through knowledge and experience, the result of the hard work you put in your wardrobe choices. From the selection of the materials to the finished product they take on a quality-detailed approach. Their bracelets are of the highest quality, their craftsmanship is a process in which they take pride.

Small: wrist size of 17,5 cm
Medium: wrist size of 19,5 cm
Large: wrist size of 21,5 cm